My20 Rewards

Rewarding America’s Drivers

At Konexial, we believe your drive should be rewarding.
That’s why we created MY20 Rewards, a one-of-a-kind rewards program just for drivers.


There are three simple ways to earn points with MY20 Rewards. Points are earned for each GoLoad shipment performed at the rate of 600 points per transaction. Points can also be earned for GoFuel purchases at the rates of 1 pt ($0.01) per gallon purchased. Since the average driver needs about 1500 gallons per month, the rewards add up quickly. We also provide bonus points for each 5-star review earned by the driver.


Each point earned through My20 Rewards is approximately equal to $0.01 per point. All points are redeemable for My20 swag, services, and additional discounts. Your MY20 ELD service can also be purchased with points at a rate of 1500 points per month.

Check back in soon to view our store and reward items.

With MY20 Rewards, you can get rewarded for what you do every day -- driving.