About My20 - How It Works

- Simple -

My20 wirelessly connects our ELD to your smartphone, harnessing the power of the cloud to add more value and purpose to your routes. The ELD device is quickly and easily installed by the driver, putting real-time data in the palm of your hand.

- Powerful-

The full featured My20 app is powered by our patent pending GoLoad service. My20 connects you to a global real-time truckload ecosystem, giving you more control over your time AND your payload.

- Productive -

Spend less time searching for loads, and more time serving customers. Most importantly, transactions are completely transparent with visibility of fees to all parties.


Konexial is based in the United States with three locations - Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. The founding team of Konexial has 100 years of combined logistics experience in Fortune 500 companies.

Our founders share a commitment to improve the bottom line for much more than just our business. We are dedicated to creating products and services that align with our core values. Our passion is around innovating a better future for the transportation industry.

Konexial is committed to improving four bottom lines for our customers, employees, and investors. Everything we do is for the purpose of improving these four areas:

  • Economic - Added opportunity and visibility increases your earning potential
  • Environmental - Reducing empty miles improves the environment we all share
  • Social - Connecting drivers removes barriers and creates community
  • Spiritual - Daily life-affirming messages provide encouragement